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We certainly live in trying times. I’ve seen our state and country heading toward the precipice of ruin with little sign of slowing down.  I look at my grandchildren and wonder what’s in store for them.

As a life-long Salemite I have never seen so much anger, frustration, and class-warfare before.  Everywhere we look, someone is demanding some sort of “right” at the expense of others.  Our society is deteriorating.  “Personal Responsibility” is no longer common place.  We believe sound bites without research.  Perceived slights are met with violent outbursts and vilification in social media.  Gossip (and its destructive aftermath) is Gospel.   “Reason”, “Wisdom” and “Selflessness” are throwbacks from the past.  “…ask what you can do for your Country” was a noble sentiment in its day, , but it has been rejected for the new mantra, “Take what you can get and demand more”.

We can change this insanity, if WE stand together.  This change needs to happen all across the board.  If those at the top won’t do it, they need to be replaced with someone who will.  The “Golden Rule” principle needs to permeate the work of the Legislature.  This is something I practice in every part of my life:  Work, Neighborhood, church.  As your legislator, I will not check it at the door.  If we all did that, most of the social problems we have would go away and we could focus on improving our schools  and building our economy. 

Candidate Doug Rodgers

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