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 Businesses are struggling!

There are those who  say, “If someone is working hard at a full time job, they should be paid a salary they can live on. Oregon workers deserve better.”

I feel the same—for the owners of a business...  they  work  harder, longer and more often than not pay themselves less than their employees.  

They are the ones who built this (are you listening, Mr. Obama?). It is their blood, sweat and tears that put it together. If someone choked on a chicken bone, It wouldn't be the employees getting sued...

Employers think up the menu, balance the profit margin with prices, and never quit trying to make it all work so customers would be happy and employees cared for.

Who pays them for THEIR  sick day? What about Their vacation time? 

With all that on the line, A 2 week notice is not required if an employee wants to quit and go somewhere else causing employers  to work more hours until replacements can be found and trained.  

When the whole picture is weighed in the balance, I think it is fair that some of the profits should be able to go back into the business in order to keep it afloat, and perhaps even a little bit for the owner, eh?

If all the profit is going into the pockets of the employees, how can a business survive? A number of our smaller mom/pop shops are looking at their P & L's and asking the same question.

Forcing unfunded mandates on a business whose profit margins are  slim will simply put the employees on the unemployment line while the business closes its doors. I have watched it happen.

As you can guess, I am very sympathetic to our small business community.  Without them, there are no employees. They are vital to the strength of our economy and must be nurtured.  

This last legislative session, several bills were passed that will have major consequences to businesses here in Oregon, especial for small businesses. 

Doug Rodgers for your State Representative