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Doug Rodgers for your State Representative

Forests:  Our timber land is beautiful.  Old growth giants are a sight to behold!  I love the smells in our State Forests and the beauty of God's creation as I hike the trails.  But the trees are more than just great places to visit/get away for a while.  They provide jobs for the small communities that line the two-lane highways that criss-cross our state.  They become tables, chairs, homes, toys and crates. Oregon.  

Trees are a renewable resource, and should be harvested and replanted in a continual cycle to keep our mills humming.

    The needed revenue will help cash-strapped counties

    from laying off sheriff deputies, and closing small 

      country schools dependent on the income from 

​      logging communities. This lessons the tax 

        burden on the rest of us.

Republican Candidate for House District 21