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Tolerance and Diversity

It is not tolerant for "tolerant" people to demand tolerance from those that are deemed intolerant.  In other words, "tolerance" is a smoke screen that allows people to be bullied into submitting to an ideology that goes against their conscience.

I refuse to force your daughter to share a bathroom with a man who claims to “identify” as a woman.  Men who want to use the women's restroom should be tolerant of the feelings of the women who would object to that behavior.

“Identity” claims are subjective; who decides?  Me?  You?  A bureaucrat in Washington? .

“Identity” claims are not proof.

The government should not be turning this subject matter into a social engineering program.

Speaking your mind  used to be a freedom.  Now, being a non-conformist to the militant PC "police" can get you fired from your job, bullied in school and skewered in  social media. We The People have the right to be heard in the arena of ideas without being subjected to hate-speech, defacement of property, or threats of bodily harm.  The current atmosphere in the legislature doesn't seem to be sympathetic to this right,  so it is time to clean House (pun intended)