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Gun-Free zones.  Seriously, Can anyone actually point to an instance where a criminal stopped themselves at a school door and said, "Wait, I can't walk in here with my gun, it's "gun free".  This simply doesn't happen.  No public arena should advertise, "We have no gun in the building to stop you from coming here and killing us." 

Eroding Rights:  Some of my liberal friends tell me I have nothing to worry about.  They say the government is not trying to take away guns from law-abiding citizens.  

Let's think this through...If I was in charge, how would I go about taking away your guns?  Incrementally, year by year, gun-control law after gun-control law... Then pass legislation so a call from an anonymous complainant can stop you from getting the weapon of your choice.  

I'd make it so hard and expensive for you to get a gun, you'd stop trying for lack of funds.

And lets not underestimate the power of social media in vilifying you until you are bullied into submission.

Folks, this type of nonsense is happening right now.  I will stand in the way of this garbage. 

Republican Candidate for House District 21


"Law-abiding citizens should not be kept from owning the gun of their choice."

               ~Doug Rodgers