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When I owned a restaurant, the first person I hired had been born in Mexico.  Two other employees had been born in Eastern Europe.  The first person who received an earned wage increase was an immigrant.  All of them were legal residents, and that’s the key.  Illegal aliens should not be getting a drivers’ license, public assistance, jobs, or crowding our school class rooms.  What other country allows for that?

 I know people who say, “America has a big table and we should invite everyone who wants to come.” I don’t have a problem with those who are “invited”.  However,

If someone climbed over your back fence, broke into your home and stole your food, you would call the police and have the law breakers arrested.  You know that's true!

America is our home, and people are finding their way over the back fence and stealing our resources. This affects legal immigrants and Oregonians alike.  It must be stopped.

When someone breaks our laws, they should not be rewarded with a driver’s license, job, government assistance, and/or a public school education.These rights and privileges are for Oregonians or legal residents.  And they certainly should not have access to our court system for suing us!

When I was travelling through Turkey and Egypt I didn’t drive, or get government freebies.  Can you imagine what they would have said had I insisted they speak English? I respected them the same way I wish to be respected when visitors come to my country.