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IP 28 has changed its name, but not its destructiveness.  Vote NO​ on Measure 97.

The Oregon Speaker of the House was talking up Measure 97 aka IP-28 aka Train Wreck aka Sales Tax on steroids. 
She was quoted as saying, "Oregon has a revenue problem." Well madam Speaker, you happen to be wrong this time. 
My view point, and that of the people of dist. 21 believe that Oregon has a SPENDING problem!! 
And that, my friends is your stereotypical difference between Democrats and Republicans. 
A well deserved stereotype after listening to the Speaker.

I'm as concerned about shortfalls as anyone else with a heart for people. But hurting working families with this monster called "97" doesn't show you care. It only demonstrates the inability of the democrat leadership to come up with a solution other than, "tax and spend".

So lets take a look at what most families already know and apply it on large scale to the state: When we look at our monthly budgets and predict a shortfall, they have three choices:
Cut back (drop cable TV), raise revenue (2nd job) or eliminate waste (car pool). I personally have done all three.

The democrat-controlled legislature seems to be focusing on raising revenue. I would rather keep money in the people's pocket!