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Republican Candidate for House District 21

Education: I went to Salem public schools (learning math without Common Core thank-you very much) and transferred to Salem Academy for my 7th to 12th grades graduating in 1981.  Time at Chemeketa Community College and Western Baptist (now Corban) rounded out my formal education.

Work:  Like many of my generation, the strawberry and bean fields gave me my first taste of work outside the home.  Restaurant work and 9 years at NORPAC rounded off my young adult life. 

In 1988, I began working in the light-gauge metal industry.  I learned the business from the ground up and at one time or another headed the Inventory, Production, and Transportation departments.  All the while working nights at the Statesman Journal for 10 years so my 1st wife could live her dream of being a stay-at-home mommy who homeschooled her children. 

Margot and I started Margot’s Café (Salem’s first 100% gluten-free sit-down restaurant) in 2011.  It was a 25 seater on Lancaster & Center.  We worked hard for nearly 18 months and were heading upwards.  (Our best month was our last one.)  There was a real possibility that we might start breaking even, but costs continued to go up and we were concerned about the business climate from the legislature.  So we downsized our business to sell baked goods from our home.

While the Café served customers, my metal employer liquidated the Salem plant

and sent the employees to the unemployment line. I don't just "talk" about "feeling the pain"

of displaced workers.  I was one of them!  I completely understand the issues of having

too much month at the end of the money.  

Ultimately, the concrete-related  industry called my name. 

I now work at Advantage Precast, INC. in Keizer.  We primarily produce the Man Holes, 

Catch Basins and box culverts used by contractors who widen/repair roads or

build new streets.  My responsibilities include Safety Director &Quality Control Manager.

I also vet new employees, asst. the Operations Manager, work with transportation, help

Human Resource, and have a growing number of other responsibilities that keep me hopping.