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Doug Rodgers for your State Representative

Republican Candidate for House District 21

Every child, no matter at what state of development, deserves the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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Humanity:  The State should protect its most vulnerable members of society.  It  is obligated to care for and protect all innocent human life.  Science, Theology and our own nature all proclaim that human life begins at conception. (When else?!)
 I firmly believe that Human life begins at conception.  As a logical progression of that understanding, the protection given by the state should begin at that point. 
Whether the baby is “viable” or not by the standards of a divided court is irrelevant.Some things are morally right regardless of what others might think.
The very sick and elderly should not be over looked!  Families and the church should (and generally do) play the primary role here, but the state should not ever be the one to “pull the plug” on someone who is near death. Which brings us to…
Assisted Suicide”:  Again, the State should be protecting life, not helping people kill themselves.  We should be helping people to NOT die.  “Death with Dignity”?  It is not dignified for the state to hand death pills to someone.  If a person wants to take their life, they will probably try.  In any event, rather than be party to this sad choice, the state should do all it can to help the person realize that life is worth living.