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Doug Rodgers for your State Representative

Smaller Government:  We need to demand a sensible government that lives within a reasonable budget.  I do not advocate for laying off hundreds of state workers and sending them to the unemployment line.  We got into this mess incrementally, and wholesale  pink slips would do more harm than good.  However, over time, a combination of retiring workers and workers transferring to private sector jobs when openings are available, will lesson the strain on taxpayers.

Term Limits: We voted for term limits in the 90’s.  I will abide by these limits even though it was struck down on a technicality.

Transparency: Do you agree that an over-sight committee should never be chosen by those being looked into? Does the prosecutor allow the defense to choose a jury without consent?  I will do everything I can to make sure the fox is not guarding the hen house. 

Tax Dollars at Work:

Seismic Upgrades: Why was there talk of fixing the capitol building while schools sit vulnerable?  
Nobody wants to die under the rubble of the Golden Pioneer, but a public servant puts the people first.
Tax Burden:  The perception is that we (the people) are always paying more in taxes. It seems like a bottomless pit.  I would find it difficult to swallow to take more money out of your pocket (and mine) without having corresponding relief from somewhere else. 
This can take the form of getting rid of redundancies, waste, or involve the private sector so the state won’t need to do it. Which, after these are accomplished, we may find that  we didn’t need to raise taxes after all!

Republican Candidate for House District 21